Welcome in Stutensee

Stutensee is a delightful country town strategically located in the Technologie Region Karlsruhe.
Since the amalgamation in 1975, of the then independent communities Blankenloch with Büchig, Friedrichstal, Spöck and Staffort, a lively communitiy has emerged with more than 22.800 inhabitants. Since the 1st January 1998, Stutensee has the status of adistrict town.

The Hunting Lodge of Stutensee, surrounded by 1000 years old oak trees, was built in 1749 by the Margrave Karl Friedrich of Baden. It is the geographical centre of the town and from here the City Arms were derived.

Today it accommodates facilities of the Administrative District of Karlsruhe.
Stutensee is flanked by the Hardtwald and the Auwald and is a much favoured place of residence. On the outskirts of town there are meadows, fields and woods.


Stutensee has an excellent road network which keeps the heavy traffic out of the town. It also has an excellent public transport system, enabling the inhabitants to be mobile even without a car.
For children of all ages, there are nurseries, primary schools, a secondary modern school and a grammar school. In Stutensee it is possible for pupils to achieve their desired school leaving certificates.

There is a wide range of employment opportunities in Stutensee. High performance retail businesses, trade and repair businesses, medium or large concerns and also High-Tech Undertakings all offer highly qualified employment.

Stutensee has ample leisure facilities. There are youth centres and a great number of clubs offering both the young and adults not only a wide range of physical activities, but also cultural activites.The Town Hall of Stutensee is located in Blankenloch. The administration keeps the inhabitants well informed of current affairs by way of its web-site, or by way of the official weekly gazette - the Stutensee-Woche.

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